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David Porter Signature Shirt v2 - Lanky Fight Gear
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David Porter Signature Shirt v2 - Lanky Fight Gear
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Now a black belt under Master Pedro Sauer, David Porter (profile) trains and teaches at the Pedro Sauer Association Headquarters in Sterling, VA.  David has been tearing it up on the East Coast the last few years.  His D'arce chokes and Leg Locks are vicious!  He is a cerebral competitor that lives by the mantra "The mouse trap doesn't chase the mouse."

We knew we had to bring in the big guns for this shirt and contracted the famous BJJ artist Meerkatsu.  Meerkatsu specializes in animal and Jiu Jitsu artwork.  He's worked for many of the top brands out there and we knew he'd come through for us.

Master Sauer has long been known as "The Cobra" and with David training so closely under him, it's only fitting he be called "the Mongoose." And if you've ever seen any of his matches, you'll see his signature stance called "the Angler."  So here we have one awesome Mongoose in the Angler stance facing off against a Cobra.


  • 4.3 oz, 60/40 Cotton-Poly Blend
  • Tear Away Label
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Printed Locally
  • Slimmer Fit
  • Proceeds from this shirt go directly to David Porter to help fund his BJJ journey

Save and purchase the David Porter Combo Pack!!! Includes both the David Porter Signature T-shirt designed by Meerkatsu and the DVD.  Purchase the Combo-Pack here.




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