Kevin Reed


Rank: Brown Belt
Academy: DeathThrob/Lanky Fight Team
Height: 6'3”
Weight: 185lbs

Instagram: @deaththrob

Why do you do Jiu Jitsu and how did you get started?

I started jiu jitsu 2 years ago with a few friends just rolling around and teaching ourselves. We were all huge fans of the UFC and it eventually spilled over from the television into real life. Before I knew it, grappling was all I cared about. Jiu jitsu is such a science. The learning of strategies involved with playing this game of human chess is never ending and this is why I'm continuously intrigued and always excited to train. There is nothing like the feeling of losing yourself inside of a roll and just flowing and reacting and attacking. Jiu jitsu keeps me hungry and motivated to wake up the next day and better myself for the sport I love. 


Where do you see your Jiu Jitsu journey taking you?

All over the world! There are hundreds if not thousands of incredible schools out there and a countless number of amazing competitors and practitioners. Everyone has a different game, a different feel, a different style. It would be an honor to travel and train with the many gifted athletes all over the globe; exchanging knowledge and sharing the sport with which we all fell in love with. 


Competition Highlights


Gracie Nationals:  Brown Belt - 2nd Place


Gracie Regionals West:  Brown/Black - 2nd Place

The Good Fight  - Maryland Open - Sub-Only:  Purple Belt - Gold

PGL 7:  Superfight - Winner

NAGA Albany: Expert - Gold

World Chamionship Grappling II: Superfight - Winner

The Good Fight - Tournament of Brotherly Love - Sub-Only: Brown Belt - Gold



PGL 5: Superfight - Winner

Good Fight NJ: Purple Belt Absolute - Gold

AGL 5 Advanced - Gold

PGL 5 Qualifier: Advanced - Silver

The Good Fight Philly: Blue Belt Gold, Absolute - Silver

End Game Sub-Only: Advanced - Silver

UGC Qualifiers: Advanced - Silver

NAGA Worlds Beginner - Gold

Team Hammer Tournament: Intermediate - Gold

UGC Inferno: Advanced Absolute - Gold

Gracie Nationals: Blue Belt - Bronze



Operation Grapple: Novice – Gold, Absolute – Gold

New Breed NJ: Novice - Gold

NAGA PA: Novice - Gold

Good Fight NJ: White Belt - Gold




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