Bryce Lighthall

Bryce Lighthall

Rank:  Brown Belt under Bruno Malfacine
Academy:  Orlando Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu | Alliance
Height:  6'
Weight:  154 lbs

Instagram: @desertblood

Why do you do Jiu Jitsu and how did you get started?


I got started in jiu-jitsu after I retired from a career as an elite long distance runner under an Adidas-sponsored Olympic development program. Accumulating joint injuries recently prevented me from qualifying for the Olympic trials in the marathon and forced me to quit running permanently. The end of my running career left a gap in my life -- I had always been an athlete, but I was an athlete who no longer had a sport. After about a year, my wife persuaded me take a class at a local jiu-jitsu academy. It only took one class and I was hooked. I competed in my first tournament within a few months and have been competing regularly ever
since. I currently live in Orlando, Florida where I’m fortunate to be mentored by Bruno Malfacine -- the best pound-for-pound jiu-jitsu competitor to ever put on a gi. Now, I not only train jiu-jitsu to satisfy my hunger for competition, but for the lifestyle that surrounds it. As many will profess, jiu-jitsu makes you a humble person and tends to bring out your best qualities. The positive social community that jiu-jitsu creates is invaluable and something that will always keep me on the mats.

Where do you see your Jiu Jitsu journey taking you?

In everything I do, I try to reach my full potential. Bruno Malfacine’s method focuses on technique, timing, and the conceptual understanding of jiu-jitsu -- and I trust in this method to help me become the best jiu-jitsu competitor I can be. I also seek to surround myself with the most positive people in jiu-jitsu while strangling the life out of each day.

Competition Highlights

IBJJF Pan American Championship - GOLD, Purple / M2 / Feather
IBJJF Atlanta Winter International Open - BRONZE, Purple / Adult / Feather
BJJ Tour Florida Championship - SILVER, Purple / Adult / Feather

IBJJF World Master Championship - GOLD, Blue / M2 / Feather
IBJJF Pan American Championship - GOLD, Blue / M2 / Feather
BJJ Tour Florida Championship - GOLD, Blue / Adult / Feather
IBJJF Atlanta Summer Open (NOGI) - SILVER, Blue / Adult / Feather
IBJJF Atlanta Summer Open (NOGI) - SILVER, Blue / Adult / Absolute
IBJJF BJJ Pro New York - BRONZE, Blue / Adult / Feather
UAE Abu Dhabi International Pro - BRONZE, Blue / Adult / 69KG

IBJJF World Master - BRONZE, Blue / M1 / Feather
IBJJF Atlanta BJJ Pro - BRONZE, Blue / Adult / Feather