Why Lanky?

In any sport, if your uniform doesn't fit, your performance will be hindered.  If you're tall and thin, like I am, finding a Gi or a Rash Guard that fits is a struggle.  Things are either slim enough and too short or long enough and too baggy.  Too short may not be legal for some tournament settings and it can be uncomfortable when things ride up on you.  Too baggy and you give your opponent a better handle in the Gi or you lose the ability to flow easily.  We aim to fix these problems.


Why Standard Kimonos?

Standard Kimonos is here to offer a high quality, plain alternative to all of those overpriced and over-stylized uniforms.  Standard Kimonos offers the same great quality as Lanky Fight Gear, but in 20 different sizes to fit every body type.  Standard Kimonos are great for academies and wholesale pricing is available.  We now offer custom academy gis through the Standard Kimonos line!


When will my order ship?

Orders for items in stock will ship within 48 hours.  We do our best to get your orders out the door as quick as possible and in most cases that means the next business day.

****International Shipping -  We will ship anywhere we possibly can.  However, international customers are responsible for all Duties and Taxes associated with the shipment, in addition to the higher shipping rates.****


Do you take returns?

We take returns within 30 days for defective, unworn, unwashed items in their original packaging.  To start the return process, contact us by email to get an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) before sending your defective product back.  

All in all, we want our customers to be happy.  If there is something wrong with your item, let us know and we'll do our best to fix it. 

If you contact us for sizing recommendations before you order and aren't happy with the fit after we make a suggestion, we will pay for your return shipping as well as the shipping for the replacement item (US customers only).


Do you offer wholesale accounts?

We offer discounts for businesses and academies that open wholesale accounts with us.  If you're interested, fill out our contact form and we'll send you the details.

After your account is activated, we will send you a unique discount code to get special pricing on all of our items. 


Do you sponsor athletes?

We would love to sponsor everyone, but unfortunately that's just not possible.  Show us you're committed to the brand and we'll show you our commitment to you.  From time to time we'll open up spots on our roster and we typically choose from people who already like and use our gear on a regular basis.