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Chad Hardy

Chad Hardy

Rank: Black Belt
Academy: Team Shawn Hammonds
Height: 6’3
Instagram: chadthebeasthardy

Website: www.chadthebeasthardy.com

Why do you do jiu-jitsu and how did you get started?

I got started in jiu-jitsu when I was 11 years old. I actually started in TKD because I got punched in the face my first day of school after moving to Louisville. Later my TKD school closed down and I found Derby City MMA.

I continue to do jiu-jitsu now for a few reasons. One is I like making the community a better place. Helping people get through their day and giving them something to look forward too. Two, I want to go down as one of the best there ever was in the sport. I work hard and train every day to achieve this goal.

Where do you see your journey taking you?

I see my jiu-jitsu journey taking me around the world, Meeting new friends, competing at the highest levels and making memories that will last a lifetime

Competition Highlights


IBJJF Washington DC Spring open GI Middle weigh black Belt-Gold medalist
IBJJF Las Vegas summer open GI Medium Heavy Black Belt- Gold medalist
Fuji expert no gi Gold medalist
Fight for Autism super fight winner


2x UGI Black Belt super fight Winner
Sapeterio Black belt Super fight winner
TN Top roller 170LB Belt holder
2x Fuji Black Belt GI Gold Medalist
2x EGO Open weight class winner
2x Smokey Mountain Black Belt Super fight winner


Fight for a cure Kentucky challenge Brown belt- Gold Medalist
AGC Super fight brown belt Winner


1-0 Amateur MMA

Bluegrass round Robin Brown Belt Gold Medalist
Bluegrass Round Robin Open Weight Gold Medlist


IBJJF Purple Belt Light weight Atlanta summer open- Gold Medalist
2x WVGO- Purple Belt Light weight- Gold Medalist
6x Ego Purple Light Gold- Medalist
AGC Black belt super fight (I was a purple belt) Champion
AGC Brown Belt Super fight (I was A Purple Belt) Champion


IBJJF Blue belt juvenile light weight no gi World Champions- Gold Medalist
IBJJF Blue belt juvenile open weight no gi world championships- silver medalist
IBJJF Blue belt juvenile light weight no gi Pan ams- Gold Medalist
IBJJF Blue belt juvenile open weight no gi Pan ams- Gold Medalist
IBJJF Blue Belt Adult Light Chicago winter open- Gold Medalist
IBJJF Blue Belt Adult Light Chicago Summer open- Gold Medalist
5x Grapplers quest- Gold Medalist (teen gi, no gi, blue adult, Expert Adult No Gi)
WVGO blue belt Light weight- gold medalist
8x EGO Blue belt- Gold Medalist
4x Naga blue belt- Gold Medalist
Bluegrass Open Blue Belt- Gold Medalist
IFC 140IB Champion
4x OGC Blue belt –Gold Medlist