John Battle

John Battle

Rank:  Black Belt
Academy:  McHugh BJJ 
Height:  5'11"
Weight:  148

Instagram: @johnbattle_bjj

Why do you do Jiu Jitsu and how did you get started?

I got started in Jiu-Jitsu when i was 15 years old. A few months before i started training I was playing soccer and baseball just to keep active and because my parents didn't want me to sit in the house all day. So they signed me up for baseball and soccer and I absolutely hated team sports and on top of that I was pretty bad at them as well. So once I inevitably quit team sports my dad took me to Hassetts Jiu-Jitsu. Which was only a few minutes from my house and from the first class I was hooked and never looked back. I do Jiu-Jitsu because it is my passion. And I am super competitive and it gives me a way to challenge myself on a daily basis. 

Where do you see your Jiu Jitsu journey taking you?

I see my Jiu-Jitsu journey taking me all over the world and visit as many schools as I can and make as many great memories as I can while I'm in my 20s . Also to compete in some of the biggest tournaments I can get into and show how hard I've been working on my Jiu-Jitsu.


Competition Highlights


Fight to Win Pro Brown Belt Lightweight Champion
EBI 15 Competitor



EBI 17 Competitor
showtheART/Finishers Sub Only 3
Finalist Radius Invitational 2 Finalist



PGL Lightweight champion
Naga Battle at The Beach - 1st
UGA Superfight Champion
No Gi Pan Ams - 3rd



Naga Battle at The Beach NoGi Advanced - 3rd
Naga Battle at the Beach Purple Belt Gi - 2nd
ADCC Nationals - 2nd
AGL- advanced no gi- 1st 
AGL Purple belt- 1st 
PGL Lightweight Tournament - 3rd
PGL Superfight - Champion 
PGL Superfight - Champion
The Good Fight NoGi Advanced - 1st 
The Good Fight Purple Belt - 1st
Grapplers Quest Gi Purple Belt - 2nd



Good Fight no gi adv. -1st
The Good Fight Purple Belt Gi - 1st
AGL- mens nogi adv -1st
AGL NoGi - 2nd
AGL Gi Purple - 2nd



Naga Battle at the Beach mens no-gi expert- 2nd place
Naga Battle at the Beach Purple belt mens- 3rd place
PGL Super Fight - Champion
The Goodfight NJ Open mens purple belt- 1st Place
The Goodfight NJ Open mens No-gi Advanced -1st Place
Abu Dhabi Pro Trials purple belt -3rd
Naga Philly Advanced No Gi - 2nd
Grapplers Quest Asbury Park no gi mens advanced -2nd
Copa Nova virginia mens purple- 1st
Copa Nova Virginia. mens purple -2nd



US Grappling blue belt - 1st
US Grappling no gi teens - 1st
No Gi Pan Ams - 1st