Kevin Berbrich

Kevin Berbrich

Rank: Black Belt under Eddie Bravo
Academy: 10th Planet Oceanside
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 160

 Instagram: @kevinberbrich

Why do you do Jiu Jitsu and how did you get started?

I played hockey a while back and we were allowed to fight, I wanted to learn how to fight more, so I joined an MMA gym. Being tall I thought kickboxing would be my favorite, but once I saw the infinite possibilities in Jiu Jitsu it quickly took over as my martial art, then it took over hockey. Once I found 10th Planet Vista I knew what I wanted to do with my life.


Where do you see your Jiu Jitsu journey taking you?

When I found 10th Planet Vista I was still a white belt. In these 3 years I've been constantly inspired here and changed my whole life so I can train full time. I teach now for my jobs and train at every class I can so I'm always on the mats. My dream is to be and beat the best one day, win the biggest competitions. Eventually own a successful gym. These goals can be done by anyone through passion and hard work.


Competition Highlights


Gracie Worlds, 145 lb Black Belt - 1st Place

NAGA Las Vegas, 150 lb Expert - 1st Place

Fight to Win Pro 5, Sand Diego - Winner

NAGA San Diego, Expert - 1st Place



Gracie Nationals Submission Only: Purple Belt 170 lbs and below - 1st Place

Eddie Bravo Invitational 170 lbs Exhibition Match Winner

Five Grappling:  Absolute Division - 2nd place

Gracie Worlds Brown Belt Absolute - 1st Place



Subfighter: Blue Belt 170 lbs - 1st Place

DREAM Series: Blue Belt 170 lbs - 1st Place

NAGA:  Expert 150/under - 2nd Place