Kevin Reyes Gibbs


Rank: 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt under Denny Prokopos / BJJ Brown Belt under Daniel Gracie
Academy: 10th Planet San Francisco, Renzo Gracie Philly
Height: 6'2”
Weight: 190lbs

Instagram: @kreyesgibbs

Why do you do Jiu Jitsu and how did you get started?

I started training in 2009 At Luta Livre/MMA school. I was there for a few months and in that time lost every match I entered. A change in jobs led me to needing to switch to a closer gym, which is when I ended up at 10th Planet San Francisco, my home to this day. I started training mainly because I enjoyed watching the UFC. Initially my attention was devoted almost entirely towards kickboxing. After a few months I was drawn solely to jiu jitsu. No single thing has had a greater impact on who I am than jiu jitsu. In the beginning I stuck with training because it was great exercise, it was challenging, and there is nothing more fun than learning how to choke people. As time went on I began to see that it was more than just a collection of techniques. Jiu Jitsu is more a family than team; and more a mental ordeal than physical exercise. These are the things that keep me training.


Where do you see your Jiu Jitsu journey taking you?

I am not entirely sure right now. I have a forty day trip scheduled for Brazil in a couple of months. I hope to use this time to discern if I have the ability and volition to pursue jiu jitsu full time at an intense level. Am I the type of person who can make jiu jitsu my life and begin competing at a higher level? Or will I remain a passionate hobbyist?


Competition Highlights


Gracie Nationals:  Brown Belt Gi - 2nd Place


The Good Fight Philly Open Sub Only, Purple Belt Gi - Silver
The Good Fight Philly Open Sub Only, Purple Belt No-Gi - Division Close Out Gold/Silver
PGL 6: Superfight - Winner



New Breed Ultimate Challenge: Advanced - Gold, Absolute - Silver

The Good Fight Maryland: Advanced - Silver

The Good Fight “Tournament of Brotherly Love”: Advanced Gold, Absolute - Silver

AGL 5: Advanced – Silver

PGL 5: Superfight - Winner

10th Planet East Coast Training Camp Submission Only Tournament: Winner



Gracie Open: Intermediate - Silver

Gracie Worlds: Blue Belt - Silver

California Black Belt League: Intermediate - Silver

AGL 3: Intermediate – Gold

The Good Fight “Tournament of Brotherly Love”: Blue belt – Gold, Absolute - Silver



Gracie Open: Beginner – Silver

Bay Area Jiu Jitsu Championships: Beginner – Silver



Clash of the Titans: Beginner – Silver

Gracie Open: Beginner – Bronze


To stay up to date with Kevin's training and upcoming trip to Brazil, check out his Blog Octo-Ink.