Michael Mucitelli

Rank: Black Belt
Academy: Tai Kai/Team Balance
Height: 6'5”
Weight: 205 lbs (Fight Weight)

Instagram: @crazymikemma

Why do you do train and how did you get started?

I compete in MMA to test just how far my potential really can go. I want to take my potential as an athlete, competitor, and combat artist to its absolute limit. I train in BJJ, not just to further my MMA abilities, but to exercise myself in a more flowing and cerebral form. I enjoy taking in the human chess game that BJJ becomes on the mats. My start in serious martial arts training and competition came through a desire to re-invent myself, to put myself in a position where I had no choice but to face a challenge head-on and couldn’t back away or take an easy route out.


Where do you see your Jiu Jitsu journey taking you?

I am shooting to enter the Bellator LHW Tournament in the near future, and from there to make a run for the title. Long after I’m done competing in MMA however, I will continue to pursue my black belt in BJJ and teaching certification in Muay Thai, and would love to resume competing in grappling tournaments, as I had only just begun entering those tournaments when I got large opportunities in MMA.


Competition Highlights


MMA Record 6-0 (1 NC)

Win 7-1 (1) Mark Griffin Submission (armbar) Bellator 123 5-Sep-14
Loss 6-1 (1) Liam McGeary KO (Punch) Bellator 118 2-May-14
Win 6–0 (1) Ryan McCurdy Decision (unanimous) Bellator 107 8-Nov-13
NC 5–0 (1) Jeff Nader No contest Bellator 98 7-Sep-13
Win 5–0 Brent Dillingham Submission (armbar) Bellator 93 21-Mar-13
Win 4–0 Matt Uhde Submission (armbar) Bellator 81 16-Nov-12
Win 3–0 Matt van Buren Submission (triangle choke) Bellator 73 24-Aug-12
Win 2–0 Eddie Hardison Submission (rear-naked choke) MF - Matrix Fights 6 13-Jul-12
Win 1–0 Steve Skrzat TKO (doctor stoppage) CES MMA - Cage of Horrors 22-Oct-10




Naga No Gi - 1st Place

Naga Gi - 1st Place


Upcoming Events

Bellator 123 - September 5th



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