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Injury Prevention Blog #6: Tennis Elbow

John Robinson

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Tennis Elbow   You don’t need to hit the green from the tees or possess a wicked forehand to suffer from golfers’ or tennis elbow. Also known as medial and lateral epicondylitis, these common forms of tendinitis are more likely to afflict those who participate in activities far from the links or clay courts. Defined as overuse injuries, these inflammatory conditions don’t require years, months or even days of activity. Overuse occurs when you ramp up your training to an extreme degree, or begin a new activity without a gradual build up. For example, you can train...

Injury Prevention Blog #5: Lower Back

John Robinson

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Get Back on the Mat   I have a slipped disk. The doctor said I have lumbago. I’ve got sciatica. My back went out.   Chances are you or someone you know has uttered these common phrases before. Low back pain is one of the most common complaints of American adults over the age of eighteen. It is one of the most frequent reasons for doctor’s visits and is one of the leading causes for missed work in the U.S. In 2010, the estimated direct cost for treatment of low back pain was fifty billion dollars....

Injury Prevention Blog #4: Concussions

John Robinson

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I Might Have a Concussion, But at Least I Don't Have a Concussion     Photo Courtesy of   Sports related head injuries are in the spotlight like never before. Once confined to discussions about the dangers of boxing, concussions are now part of the daily discourse when examining their prevalence in all contact sports, including football, hockey and even sports entertainment, like professional wrestling. Tragically, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, has been implicated in the deaths of prominent athletes Junior Seau and WWE wrestler Chris Benoit. Mixed Martial Arts practitioners and promoters have long...

October News

John Robinson

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Couple of newsworthy items this month...   To start, production on our first run of gis, the Pro 550 V1, has started.  It's been a while since we began designing and testing these, but we're finally happy with the fit and the quality. We'll be doing a pre-sale in a few weeks. This will be your chance to get a great deal on these gis.    Next, we are also going to be selling pants by themselves. We will have 12 oz ripstop pants in both white and blue with custom seam tape, grey contrast stitching, red accents, a gold...

September News

John Robinson

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Here's all the news from the first Lanky FG Newsletter.  If you aren't subscribed, you missed out on a special offer. Don't miss the next one and put your email in at the bottom of the page!!! GI UPDATE I started Lanky FG to make the perfect fitting gi.  I have always had trouble with gis being either too short in the legs, sleeves, and torso or too baggy.  I also didn't want to pay and arm and a leg or try and compete with other people to get in on a super small batch. I've been working hard to...