May 2014 News - 1st Anniversary!

I want to take a minute to thank everyone who has made this past year such an amazing one. This all started with a crazy idea that popped into my head on a late night drive just over a year ago. I knew if I didn't jump in heard first, I would never follow through. It wasn't too long after that drive that I finalized the concept and officially founded Lanky Fight Gear.

Every time I see someone wearing a Lanky product, read a review, or receive an email/message from a satisfied customer, I know all the long, extra hours have been worth it. And it's only just beginning...

Here's just a quick list of things to look our for this summer:

  • Black Gold ST Gi - Expect Pre-Sale info in the next couple of weeks
  • Lanky Fight Shorts - Finalizing design and testing prototypes. Expect drop date soon.
  • New Apparel items - We're working on clothing designs all the time. Expect multiple releases this summer.
  • Long Sleeve Rash Guard - Design is just about to begin. Expect something that really stands out!
  • Custom Sublimation on Ranked Rash Guards - Working on the ability to add custom designs/logos to our existing line of Ranked Rash Guards. Will be replenishing stock shortly.

We'll be making the rounds on the east coast to many of the tournaments, so come by and say hi if you see us out!


Thanks for reading and remember to Stand TALL!


John Robinson


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