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We excited to announce our new Affiliate Program with

Follow the link below to sign up (anyone can do it!)  And you will be given a unique URL Link to share, post on your blog or Social Media pages, etc.  Whenever someone uses your link to come to and purchases something, you will earn 7.5% of their total purchase amount at no additional cost to them. 

You account will be linked to your email and payouts will occur through PayPal.  If you would like to make some extra money just by telling your friends about Lanky Fight Gear, be sure to sign up!  It's free and only takes a minute! 

Once you get your special link, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! 
Oh and don't forget to check out our BLACK FRIDAY SALE and SAVE UP TO 40%!  Now's a good time to start sending your custom link out in order to take advantage of the upcoming sale traffic!

Oh, and don't forget to use your November offer code from the November Newsletter before it expires (Save $10 when you spend at least $75).

Stand TALL,
John Robinson

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