Sponsoring Our First Event!

We are super excited to be able to sponsor our first Grappling Event.  On February 8th in Sewell, NJ, we will be sponsoring the AGL 7 and PGL VI events.  AGL and PGL are run a little differently than your average tournament and give athletes more incentive to compete and do well.



Excerpt from the AGL website:

"The Amateur Grappling League™ (AGL) is taking the grappling tournament world by storm! The stakes will be high and the rules have been changed. The AGL brings with it a fresh new take on the sport of submission grappling tournaments.

The AGL features an updated tournament style that will set the precedent for the future of the ever-growing sport. High caliber amateurs will have the opportunity of advancing into the Professional Grappling League™ (PGL). No longer will fighters compete in dead-end tournaments without further advancement.

We look forward to helping to produce the next super stars of Submission Grappling and help them continue their career into the fame and glory of the Professional Grappling League™."


It's a great format and we also have 2 Officially Sponsored Athletes competing in the PGL.  Check out their bios on our Team Page.


Be sure to make it out to these events, both of which are happening on February 8th.  Stop by our booth and say hi!


Stand TALL,

John Robinson

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