Team Lanky Update

Team Lanky has been killing it lately and I wanted to make sure they get their due respect with a little showcasing and bragging from me.

Kevin Reed has been collecting ankles from Coast to Coast this year.  He started his leg poaching in LA at Gracie Nationals in January.  Then, grabbed another one in NJ at PGL VI in February.  He almost took Black Belt stud Gary Tonon's foot home with him at Grapplers Quest in NJ.  Next, he took yet another heel at MAGL in Maryland just a few weeks ago.  Finally, he snagged the Brown/Black Division championship at the Good Fight Tournament of Brotherly Love this past weekend in just over a minute.  Check out the video below put together by DeathThrob Fight Music.

He's taking his reign of terror back on the road this weekend for NAGA Albany.  He's hunting for that Expert Division belt!  Watch yo' legs people!

In the meantime, Kevin Gibbs is down in Rio at the Connection Rio house where he's throwing down with Black Belts from multiple camps, multiple times a day.  I can't wait to see what he brings back with him.  And when he's not training hard, he constantly drilling:

Keep an eye on these two; plus some exciting additions to the team to be announced very soon!

As always, thanks for reading and remember to Stand TALL!

Stand TALL,
John Robinson


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