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May 2014 News - 1st Anniversary!

John Robinson

I want to take a minute to thank everyone who has made this past year such an amazing one. This all started with a crazy idea that popped into my head on a late night drive just over a year ago. I knew if I didn't jump in heard first, I would never follow through. It wasn't too long after that drive that I finalized the concept and officially founded Lanky Fight Gear.Every time I see someone wearing a Lanky product, read a review, or receive an email/message from a satisfied customer, I know all the long, extra hours have...

Injury Prevention Blog #2: Rotator Cuff

John Robinson

Tags injury, mma, prevention, rotator cuff, ufc

Preventing Rotator Cuff Injuries   Photo courtesy of   During his artful domination of Glover Teixeira at UFC 172, Jon “Bones” Jones made effective use of an improvised crank while battling in the clinch. The hold put extreme pressure on the challenger’s shoulder and severely limited his offensive capabilities for the remainder of the fight. Teixeira’s trainers reported that the injury will necessitate an MRI due to likely damage to the rotator cuff and the surrounding ligaments.      With each passing month, the awareness of the sports of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts continues...

Injury Prevention Blog #1: ACL

John Robinson

Tags acl, injury, mma, prevention, ufc

There are only a few certainties in life:  Death, Taxes, and Injuries in Combat Sports.  If you train, you will get injured at some point.  Hopefully, it's nothing major, but you're bound to tweak something from time to time.  However, knowledge and a little prevention may help keep you off the sidelines and on the mat.  We have decided to start a monthly Injury Prevention Blog written by our friend John Vercher.  John is a writer and physical therapist with over ten years of sports medicine and orthopedics experience.  He has competed as an amateur in kickboxing and MMA and...

Team Lanky Update

John Robinson

Team Lanky has been killing it lately and I wanted to make sure they get their due respect with a little showcasing and bragging from me. Kevin Reed has been collecting ankles from Coast to Coast this year.  He started his leg poaching in LA at Gracie Nationals in January.  Then, grabbed another one in NJ at PGL VI in February.  He almost took Black Belt stud Gary Tonon's foot home with him at Grapplers Quest in NJ.  Next, he took yet another heel at MAGL in Maryland just a few weeks ago.  Finally, he snagged the Brown/Black Division championship...

Sponsoring Our First Event!

John Robinson

We are super excited to be able to sponsor our first Grappling Event.  On February 8th in Sewell, NJ, we will be sponsoring the AGL 7 and PGL VI events.  AGL and PGL are run a little differently than your average tournament and give athletes more incentive to compete and do well.     Excerpt from the AGL website: "The Amateur Grappling League™ (AGL) is taking the grappling tournament world by storm! The stakes will be high and the rules have been changed. The AGL brings with it a fresh new take on the sport of submission grappling tournaments. The...